Virtual Reality Museum Project

It's a dark, moonless night and a local company is having a Grand Opening of their mysterious gallery. The building has no windows but the sounds of music can be heard from inside. The company, Big White Box, specializes in the emerging field of Virtual Reality Music Technology. You are interested in both music and virtual reality. Intrigued, you make your way to the gallery for a Night At The Museum.

For this project, I wanted to create a company specializing in an emerging VR field. I chose the music industry after reading some articles about how VR is currently changing music on both a consumer and professional level. In particular, the music industry is incorporating VR to create unique ways to interact with music in 360 videos and sound. I called the company Big White Box because VR will fill an empty room with the visual and audio effects needed to create the desired environment. There is no need for props.

I had to cut out a lot of the video I had originally planned to use as I noticed the performance hit. I also did most of the videos as raw images in a UI canvas to reduce the performance cost.


I based my user on someone who would enjoy music in a Virtual Reality setting. Lenny is a musician who also enjoys new technology. 
Name: Lenny
Age: 25
Occupation: Musician
VR Experience: Enjoys VR games and Apps. Lenny is a talented musician. His ideal version of the world allows him to interact with things in a virtual world. In fact, he thinks spending time in Virtual Spaces might help him become more social because he can get used to being around virtual beings. Also, in his ideal world he could play before audiences without there being an audience. Like anyone else though, Lenny likes to experience new things and learn.


I started sketching and storyboarding before making my museum building in Maya, and a lot of the original concepts had to change. I originally envisioned two scenes, one in which the player was moved forward into a VR headset but the performance hit was too high.


User Testing

The user tests were done with one to two users per test type. Both users only previous VR experience was when they tested my Puzzler project. They were much more comfortable with using the navigation this time though this was their first use of waypoints. Mood and Environment


For this project I picked up a bit of Maya and made my own gallery building. The gallery is roughly divided into five areas or rooms to make the exhibits distinct. There is a lobby (the white box) which contains only instructions due to the premise of the company being that all you need is the box and VR creates the environment that fills it.