Industrial Design and 3D Printing

When you buy a razor that costs over $100 you can expect to get years of use out of it, unless you drop it. That's what happened to my client. He loved the razor and shaving wasn't just a chore to him but a ritual he enjoyed. After the handle broke though, shaving was a chore. He was going to have to buy a new razor.

The client asked me to design and manufacture a new handle. Being an ergonomics fanatic, I didn't just want to replace the handle and call the job finished and created various handles with different grips for the client to test.

According to the client, shaving is once again a favorite ritual and he says the new handles are superior to the original because the texture gives a better grip. Since the original broke because it slipped out of his hand, he is happy for the better grip. He is currently using the barrel-shaped handle and says his initials in the barrel add an extra grip point.